About Juliet and Bros. Organic Garlic


Juliet and Bros. grows varieties of rare, gourmet Hardneck and Softneck garlic. We serve new customers who are discovering the health benefits and greater flavor of carefully grown gourmet garlic. We also cater to longtime garlic connoisseurs and chefs who value organic farming techniques. If you haven’t tasted “Healthier Garlic” before then you are in for a great experience.

We grow gourmet garlic because of the better flavor and the health benefits. You may purchase our garlic for eating, cooking or growing for yourself.  The garlic most often found in grocery stores has been grown and adapted for the purposes of yield, quantity and for a long shelf life thereby neglecting the superior pursuits of flavor and health.  This is a common problem in modern agriculture.  On the contrary, the rarer varieties of garlic we grow produce bulbs that are unmatched in flavor and health benefits. At Juliet and Bros., we grow our garlic naturally – chemical free, with the use of organic mulch and fertilizer. As stewards of God’s resources, we plant and harvest our garlic by hand, so we are directly involved in the process from seed to table.

Our ideal location is in Saegertown Pennsylvania placing us directly in a snow belt, which is a tremendous benefit to growing great garlic. The heavy lake effect snows during the winter act as a natural insulator and mulch through the winter months. We have chosen garlic varieties specifically that thrive in our cold climate and the cold winter really invigorates the flavor. 

 We are committed to our community, and through Cloves and Fishes™, we give a percentage of our sales to local charities and ministry work abroad. Our farm’s family extends from owners to friends to customers looking to experience the community of our farm and the source of the flavorful garlic they are eating. Since 2012, Juliet and Bros. has cultivated great tasting garlic specifically to share with our customers. Once you savor our garlic’s flavor and experience the health benefits of gourmet garlic, we hope you’ll never want to buy garlic anywhere but here.