Why Our Garlic

At Juliet and Bros. Organic Garlic, we grow great tasting garlic which has superior health benefits within a supportive community of family, friends, and customers. Many of these rare garlic varieties have only been in the United States for a few decades. In addition, Hardneck garlic contains higher concentrations of allicin and sulfur compounds, which not only create the trademark garlic flavor and scent, but are also the source of garlic’s natural medicinal qualities. These naturally occurring compounds display antibacterial, antiviral, anticancer, antifungal and antiprotozoal activity, making garlic a popular choice for natural medicine and remedies.  Studies have also shown garlic to have positive effects on blood pressure and cardiovascular health.  

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Gourmet chefs have been touting the flavor complexities of rare, gourmet garlic for years, but the general public is still realizing the opportunity for enhancing their cooking and health with these great tasting varieties of garlic.  Juliet and Bros. Organic Garlic chooses garlic varieties for many reasons. The flavor, health qualities, growing climate and productivity are all factored when we make our selections for planting. Currently we grow and offer Siberian, Chesnok Red, Romanian Red, German Extra Hardy/White, Music, Italian Purple, Spanish Roja, Amish Rocambole, and Serpentine Hardneck garlic. We also grow a few rare Softneck garlics, which are Kettle River Giant, Inchelium Red, French Red, Ozark and Tochliavri(Red Toch). A selection of these garlic varieties are available for sale here on our site. Some varieties we will sell in smaller quantities over the phone or in person. Check with us each season as we add new varieties.

We use only organic fertilizers and mulch, which do not contain chemicals. While we plant and harvest by hand, we utilize farm implements creatively which add to our speed and efficiency.  Simonsen Farms grows beyond organic, by committing to not only avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but staying constantly connected to our product throughout the growing process. We don’t just produce garlic, we care about it, and know that it shows in our farming and living practices. 

Learn more about Cloves and Fishes™ in our FAQ and blog section to learn more about the purpose and vision for our farm.


We're not the only ones who love our garlic: My family and I have always enjoyed cooking and we put garlic in just about everything.  Dan asked me if I had ever tried hardneck garlic, but we had only ever used the stuff out of the bin at the grocery store. I was shocked at the difference between the “bulk” garlic and the hardneck varieties we received from Simonsen Farms. The “good stuff” simply had more flavor than the standard garlic and it dramatically improved the taste and quality of the food we made. We will never be able to go back to regular garlic again.

Donald B. Nicholson and Family,  Erie, PA

Investment Officer, home chef and organic foodie