Garlic Scapes. Taking orders from 5/1/2021 to 6/01/2021

$ 5.99

The garlic scape is the edible top set of a hardneck garlic plant and has a lovely, mild garlic flavor.  The scape is most tender, with almost an asparagus-like texture when it is curling.  We harvest ours at the curly state by popping the scape at the bottom where it meets the last leaf of the plant.  They last a long time in the refrigerator.  Try using the scapes raw in salad, in stir fry, sautéed in olive oil and used as a pizza topping, or grilled as a side dish. Roasting particularly brings out the sweetness of garlic flavor. Scape Pesto is awesome and very popular.  A favorite way to eat scapes is pickled "dilly" scapes - on hamburgers or straight from the jar - yum!  We are going to start harvesting the scapes this week June 1st - weather depending.  Place an order!

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