"Cloves and Fishes" Co-Op Partner August 07 2015

We are initiating a new grass roots pilot program for facilitating healthy community and allowing greater pricing and shipping efficiencies for delicious organic garlic direct from the farm to your table: The "Cloves and Fishes" Co-Op Partner

"Cloves and Fishes" Co-op partners may receive benefits such as the following:

*A commemorative "Cloves and Fishes" T-shirt.

*Discounted garlic.

*Gourmet meal served at the farm with an intimate tour.

*Help with growing your own garlic.

*The benefit of facilitating health to your friends and community.

At this stage we are looking for some test pilots for 2015.  Let us know if you are interested.  Help us shape this new program so it can make sense for you and your friends and family.  Message us through the site on the "Contact US" section or call 814-587-3143 if you have an interest or some good input.