Garlic Farmers Grilled Cheese Recipe August 23 2014

Simple Recipe Idea:  Garlic Farmers Grilled Cheese 

Just got out of the lab(kitchen) and have a successful recipe we thought we'd share because it was off the charts delicious.

Makes 3-5 sandwiches



Small bulb Hardneck Garlic (Music used today)

Cherry Tomatoes from our organic garden

White or Wheat Bread

Fresh Swiss Cheese



  1. Crush your garlic and let it rest, for ten minutes.  Today I used a garlic twist to crush and then let it rest on a small glass cutting board for maximum oil retention during and after the rest.
  2. Thinly slice 6-7 cherry tomatoes.  And layout 2 pieces of Swiss cheese for each sandwich so it begins to warm to room temp.
  3. Sautee 1/2 of the garlic in butter for  2-3 minutes on medium/low heat.  Remove garlic before caramelizes. (a little caramelization is ok) and leave a little garlic in the pan.  Temporarily remove pan from heat while you prepare sandwich.
  4. Layout your bread and spread remaining raw garlic on one bread slice of each sandwich. Place 2 thin slices of Swiss cheese on top of the bread you just spread with raw garlic.  Top the Swiss with the sliced cherry tomatoes.
  5. On the other slice of bread spread the sautéed garlic and then top the sandwich, garlic side in toward the middle.  Both raw and cooked garlic should be inside the sandwich.
  6. Add a little butter back to the pan and then place 2 sandwiches into pan.  I move them around the pan to absorb the garlicky butter left from the sautee.  I slow grill the sandwiches on medium/low until I am happy with the crust.  Pay attention and get them perfect (no multi-tasking allowed).


We paired with a vegetable beef stew.  For health I ate all remaining raw garlic and mopped up the oils and pieces from the twist and the cutting board.  Experimented with Cheddar cheese as well,  but found the Swiss cheese to be superior.  The mixture of raw and correctly sautéed garlic creates a great flavor profile (We do this often in our recipes for flavor and health).