Juliet Says

Let it rest and stagger it in. April 23 2014

When you crush your garlic for cooking, give it a resting period of 10 minutes or longer, after it has been crushed.   This resting period lets the chemical reactions take place before you cook or eat it.  When fresh garlic is chopped or preferably crushed, the enzyme alliinase converts alliin present in the clove into allicin.  Allicin is what makes garlic a "superfood" and is responsible for both the wonderful smell and the health benefits of garlic.  You can use a garlic press, yet even better, use ceramic a grater plate for maximum crushing and allicin production. The grater plate also allows for more oil retention during the rest.  The time allowed will give room for the desired reactions to take place.

Following this simple technique makes a big difference in the flavor of your dish and your health.  To take another step in a healthy direction don't cook all of your crushed garlic.  I like to save half of what I crush for a dish, to add at the end, as a finishing addition.  While cooking may sweeten or mellow your garlic, the raw garlic is healthier for you and often adds a little heat to give you a broader flavor profile.  Stagger some in, late in the preparation, to maximize both flavor and health.  Otherwise be bold and eat some raw.

Like you, prepared garlic needs a little rest to be all that it can be.